Thursday, 14 August 2014

Chapter One

My name is Malibu Denim but most sims call me Mal. I live in a middle class family of course. Mom's a spa specialist, Dad's a lawyer. That's the life I've always lived. Me and my Brother, Persian, loved our lives as kids, we had that type of life you always see on tv. The kind where you run around playing tag all day and playing in the tree house with all the kids on your street. The kind where your father came home from work kissed your mother on the cheek and then you all sat down for dinner. It was wonderfull, not a care in our worlds. But when you get older you find that the worlds not always what you thought is was. So here it begins, my adult life story. 


My alarm clock always goes off at the same time every day. It's always the same routine, wake up, get dressed and go to work. My job isn't exactly what I dreamed of my entire life. See I moved out as soon as I became a young adult and my dream was to become an actress. I got very little auditions and never got any parts. That was until I met Lacy. She got me into this life style. It's not really that bad, my job, well at least it's perfectly legal. You see I'm a party dancer. You know the people who come to your bachelor parties. 

"Mal you free tonight? One of our former clients wants to know if you want to dance tonight?" I love Lacy to death but the way she always makes our job sound so casual makes me sick.
"Sorry Lacy, my mom is making a big dinner for Persian's birthday and I have to be there by five. Another time ok?" 
" Are you still able to dance for Jhon this after noon, he's one of our biggest customers." 
" I guess, but we'll have to make it quick." 

As I pull into his driveway I can already here the music and the cheering. I walk up his ash fault  driveway in my boots and wonder how horrid this gigs gonna be. This guy always has the biggest parties. I hate working for him but it pays the bills. This is where most girls in my agency get hurt, your see Jhon may be shy around the work place but at home he's the boss. I walk in the front door and about 15 white berries crook their heads to get a good look at me. They all stair at me as if they've never seen a blue berry before. 
" Hey beautiful, why don't you get up on that platform and give us a little dance?" Someone shouts from the crowd, soon their all chanting for me to dance,I swing my head around and see Jhon standing there with a smug grin on his face. He looks up and down my body admiring the short cut maid suit I have to wear. I give him a forced smile and get up on the platform. They turn on some music with a real shitty singer and I start dancing. When I dance like this my mind goes numb, if I think of what I'm doing I'll burst out into tears. As usual I feel a hand slip up the hem of my dress and I spin on my toes. Jhon stands there laughing and mumbles somthing that makes me sick. 
"Common baby what do you think I'm paying you for?" 
" I'm not or never going to do that with you get away or I stop dancing!" 
He crawls up onto the platform and presses himself up against me. I stop him buy turning around and punching him square in the stomach, though it doesn't really seem to have effected him.
" You know the rules Jhon don't touch, don't throw anything and I'll keep dancing."
"Little missy did you just touch me?"
In a split second he slaps me across the face. I look at him my cheek burning red hot and spit blood in his face. He laughts gives me a few simoleons and waves his hand for me to keep dancing. 


"Hello this is Lacy how can I help you?" 
"Lacy it's Mal, I need your help."
"Mal babe, why are you calling me just come talk to me!" 
"I can't Jhon slapped me in the face, I'm too dizzy to drive and I'm gonna have a big bruise. My mom can't see me like this or she'll suspect that I'm not actually a nanny." 
"You told your mom you're a nanny. Mal she's gonna find out and be pissed either way."
"Look can you give me a lift or what?"
"Just wait I'm on my way." 
I stand waiting in the night in my maids costume. Eventually I see her car screeching up the road as if she's in a race, she never really got the hang of driving. She looks me up and down and gives me a sad look, me and Lacy have been partners in this since the beginning and she always helps me out when I'm at my low. But I really do wish I didn't have to know her, didn't have to have her in my life. 

As we drive through my childhood neighborhood I feel at peace. How much I long to have a life like my mother, a simple safe job with a proper home and a husband. I really would get a decent job if I ever got the chance, but my life sadly isn't a fairy tale and no spell will change that. With the windows rolled down I can smell a bond fire with burning wood and I miss my old life. As we pull down my street we're stop by some police tape and a police officer comes to my window. He's a cubby old man who reminds me of my father, he's got his hat on and it looks funny on him. He looks like he should run a restaurant or somthing. He probably has a decent life with a wife and kids. 
"Hello ladies, I'm sorry but this street has been closed down. You girls will have to take another way." He doesn't look that apologetic mainly just annoyed that we would dream of driving down this street.
"Officer, I'm on my way to my parents for dinner they live on this street could we please get past."
" What's your name honey?"
"Malibu Denim, why?" His face goes into shock when he hears my name. Which is new for me, only a few people know the name Denim and it's not like it's some amazing name to have. He quickly escorts me down the street as Lacy pulls away waving and telling me to call when I'm done.


In front of me in ashes is my childhood home. The late spring wind blows the ashes into my eyes as my brain tries to process this scenario. Some police officers  stands looking at three corpses that are wrapped in plastic near an ambulance with it's lights still flashing. The heat still blazing from the coals infront of me. A scream escapes my lips as I fall to the ground, the last thing I see is one if the firefighters running towards me.


  1. Great start; I'm intrigued and really want to know what happens next to her... I do feel bad for her, though. She went from having a picturesque childhood to having to face the stone cold reality of adulthood; her acting career is nonexistent, she's a dancer, the client hit her, and I'm fairly certain an arsonist (though it could just be me speculating) torched her childhood home (hopefully everyone's okay)! �� can't wait for the next chapter! ��

    (Quick question, is there suppose to be pictures? It's probably just me, but on my computer/tablet I just see little boxes and was wondering if that's what hey were suppose to be.)

    1. In answer to your question no there isn't supposed to be a picture, it's just an icon I use to seperate the scenes or whatever they are. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and I really hope you keep reading.
      Looking forward to hearing from you in the future.

    2. Oh, okay. Thank you! :D (P.S. I tend to be forgetful about commenting and if I'm on my phone or something, occasionally I'll leave an anonymous comment that ends with TJL or TheJanesLegacy, etc.)